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Ok this is my first journal page and I want to talk about the Tekkaman Blade OVA: Missing Link. This episode links both the original series to the second series called Tekkaman Blade II. I have looked every place I can and searched every site that would have the HOLE STORY of Missing Link. All I have is this.

1) The Radom is sending new Tekkaman to Earth to take it over years after Blade aka D-boy stoped the first wave.
2) Blade gose crazy do to mental link to the new Tekkaman do to him being a Tekkaman himself.
3) Star aka Aki, becomes a Tekkaman to stop the new wave of Radom troops and new Tekkamen. As well as being rejected by Blade do to
him being scared out of his mind of Tekkamen and what he is.
4) Aki takes out a hole population of Proto Tekkamen that were made on earth to stop the new wave of Radom, this was called Black October if I
5) Blade transforms into a Tekkaman once agen but is in his kill everything out of his mind mode that was part of the original series nere the end.
6) Aki fights Blade basicly killing him and in the same saving him bringing him back to his right state of mind.

OK that out of the way, I am still not clear on the hole how did Blade come back part, who was the guy/girl Aki killed in the Black October incident
and was this person a full Tekkaman? If anybody reads this could you please fill me in cuse I am a big fan of Tekkaman Blade and love to know
the hole story and not just bits and pices of a story over time.


P.S. If I have miss spelled anything please dont point it out I know my spelling sucks, thanks agen.
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alexeigalvez Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016

Am I Too late for this?

Ok.  Seen Tekkaman Blade OVA Missing Link, i got:

1st Ark of story: Researching Radam Technology.
Humans begun to study the Tekkaman System throug the Radam Plants. They knew that that was the key to understand the Radam invasion and the way to access a new power to mankind. So the rescue for Tekkaman Process begun. People was retrieved from the plants and the Radam Parasite was remove from their skull. This certainly save many lives but this humans were no longer normal. They were Tekkamen Primary Bodies.

So many humans around the world were transformed into Tekkaman "Primary Body"; some sort of tekkaman proto stage. Due to Blade's victory the whole process was stopped and people did not die as a Tekkaman Transformation buy did become something else than humans.  They can summon a Primary Armor and have some kind of special abilities (not sure what), but they are more than humans Indeed.

2nd Ark of Story: Radam Invasion
As the new human/tekkaman kind arose, the goverments saw them as a menace, so begun the repression towards them. This was a reality but not the manking primary objective... a second wave of radam invasion was comming... and they didn't have Tekkaman Blade on the battlefield.

Takaya was no longer Blade. He was in a state of self unawareness... damage brain... damage body and damage feelings. Aki took care of him and they became a couple.

But the New wave of invasión was at hand and the Sol Tekkamen Corps did not stand against the new power of radam. Noal, apparently as a Captain of this Sol Tekkamen Corps, was the responsable of stop Radam troops.

This was already a problema, but in the core of the Space Knights was another situation, aparently Takayas Brain was somehow linked to the radam and this provoke that his dead was uppon a certain time. That certainly leaded to Aki become a Tekkaman to stop in some how Takaya's death.


She took the chiftain of the Space Knight at gun point, and became Tekkaman Red Devil. How full was Aki in the Tekkaman process is unknow, but she is enough powerful to stand against Blade. So she fight the second wave of Radam invasion and defeat them, so Takaya could live again. She won but loose Takaya's love. She leave the Space Knights and begun wandering around the earth. She apparently meeted a Child that was significative for her and aid her to recover hef former self.


3 Ark of Story: Blades comeback.

Then apparently Takaya regain the Tekkaman condition but this was never explained. But he was under the condition of evil state Tekkaman. Blade killed Noal and apparently a full Sol Tekkamen Corps too. Aki was the only one that could defeat him.


Aki did defeat Blade but did not kill him. He regain consciousness and everything turned normal in him.

4 Ark of Story: Contradiction of Praga’s Black September

It’s not clear when was the incident in Praga. Before or later Takaya regained consciousness.

Fact: According to Tekkaman Blade II, Aki killed the Tekkaman Leader of the revelion.

Contradiction: in Missing Link this was showed before Takaya rejects Aki for becoming a Tekkaman, when in David’s (Tekkaman Sommer) memories, Takaya already was Tekkaman Blade again, fully and in companion of Aki as Tekkaman Red Devil.

The rebelión was leaded by Primary Bodies claiming to be more powerful than normal humans. Due to that reason, Military forces begun to repressed them and this cause a revelion. General Pablocheva ordered to stop the revelion nuked them in praga. Aki as a Chief of the Space Knights fought the revel leader that apparently was Indeed a full Tekkaman or An Advanced Tekkaman Primary Body (ehhh a Secondly Body?). Anyway, Aki was the one that stop the revelion, but somehow people remembers Blade as the author of this. Why?

it's never to be explained, but that was the motive for Dead End's crusade against Blade and the space knights.

This is all that i got as a Tekkaman fan, sorry for the bad english.

Love from El Salvador. Tekset!

guyverunit05 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016
thanks for this info, it did clear alot of things up but also opened up a hole other set of questions on somethings but thats ok. just would be real nice if they just did a full set of ovas that would have told the hole story just after Tekkaman Blade and before Tekkaman Blade II.
star-aki Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
[link] Missing Ling with english subtitles.

Missing Ling would've been the sequel to Tekkaman Blade but they decided to go with Tekkaman Blade II instead...with the stereotypical bubble blonde :/

I think the scene with Aki killing the Primary Body tekkamen was part of the lead-up to Black September...but Black September itself was a bigger, bloodier battle which ended with the Military dropping a bomb on Prague.

It is very frustrating that they never explained how D-boy was able to transform into Tekkaman Blade again. They should've made Missing Ling the sequel. Five minutes of Missing Ling was more interesting than three hours of Tekkaman Blade!!
MercenaryX Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
Wasn't all bad, but I wish they could have gotten Tekkaman Blade 2 and did a better job, like making it season 2 or is it 3? Either way I wish they could have expaned on the world, namely people young and old that would have survived the Primary bodies process and those born of those who where turned into primary bodies and showed more then what they did of people being able to be Tekkamen.

Like a whole acadmey runned by the military to find promissing recruites or something, like "Canadite for Goddess" or it's like.

What do you think?
MercenaryX Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
Yeah, I'm looking for it as well, but so far I can only find trailers of it, from what I'm getting and understanding is this. However don't quote me on this since I'm not 100% on the info, it's that they never made it or half way though the anime was axed, again, I'm not 100% on this and there could be a copy out there some where in the Aether. I just can't find it at all.
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